Brian & Luis, UNC CHAPEL HILL, Feb 2014

Posted by Laura.

Angela Beall, Swing Into Spring, SC, 2014

Posted by Bobby W

Brook Stephens, Swing Into Spring, SC, 2014

The rarely seen but very awesome Female Vintage Military-Inspired Genre. Posted by Bobby W.

Ramona Noel Staffeld, Lindy Focus 2013

Sailor Mike, Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014

Check out the V this suit cuts on the torso.

Chris Harm, Lindy Focus 2013

Introducing our correspondent CHRIS HARM, rocking the flat tie at a bottom.

Mia Goldsmith, Jan 2014

“Cold weather…no reason not to wear bold colors and vintage accessories!” Introducing our correspondent MIA, rocking the colorful winter vintage.

Shannon Butler, Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014

Posted by Bobby W

Non-Raggedy Anne & Andy, Richmond Jazz Preservation Brunch 2014

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Ryan Martin, Hot Rhythm Holiday, 2014

Posted by Bobby W