Rebeccca Groover at TSDS, North Carolina, April 2014

Posted by Laura.

Women’s Rugby Shot, The Experiment, Week 1

Annaliese, Lindyfest 2014

The lighting is terrible, but this lace dress with flutter sleeves really sparkled, she looked like a fairy covered in gold dust. Posted by Laura

Jon & Jenna, Lindyfest 2014

Posted by Laura W

Jeff & Mimi, Lindyfest 2014

Posted by Laura W

Carl Nelson, Lindyfest 2014

Plaid shirt + accents on the cardigan. Posted by Yossef

Tiferet Nashman, Toronto Toss-Out, 2014

I asked her to strike this pose to show off the line of the pants. Not only a great outfit in general, it moved really well when she danced (as both a leader… Continue reading

Reesa Del Duca, Toronto Toss-Out 2014

The crossroads of Casual and Elegant. Posted by Bobby W

Swing Dandies, RMBB 2014

Three of the Swing Dandy correspondents happened to be at Rocky Mountain Balboa, so a picture seemed fitting.

Katrina Haus, Bal Rendezvous, 2013

Posted by Bobby W