Congratulations! YOU are the new Swing Dandies Corespondent!

How does it work!?!

1) Take a picture of a swing-dance related outfit you or someone else is wearing that you think deserves to go on the site. (TRY NOT TO USE FLASH, but instead, find a brightly-enough lit space to take the photo.)

2) email it along with the name and event to A few of us will look it over and see if if it’s right for the site/Pinterest page.

That’s all!

Why the change? Well, we here at Swing Dandies recently realized a few things:

1) No matter how many of us there are, there’s still not enough of us to capture a fraction of all the great fashion at all the swing events in the world. We want to correct this.

2) Having Swing Dandies mostly run on submissions not only allows us to cover many bases, it makes for a better experience for everyone, anyway, and creates that community spirit we love so much.

So, we will continue to have our, shall we say, “Senior Corespondents” (listed on our “about” page) who will chime in with things they find inspiring. But otherwise, it’s up to YOU.